Top 4 Renovations for Greatest Return of Investment

If you are planning on listing your home in the next three to six months, and don’t know what project you should invest in, consider the following top 4 renovations for greatest return of investment.

  1. Garage Door Replacement – A clean and good looking garage door tops the list when it comes to getting cash back on your investment when you decide to sell your home, according to the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report. (Source: BANKRATE) Remember, your driveway and garage are the first things buyers will see when they pull up to preview your home. (First impression is lasting)
  2. Manufactured Stone Veneer – If your home has vinyl siding, consider replacing part of your home with stone veneer at the front entry as this will add a big curb appeal to your home.  For stucco siding, we recommend homeowners to seal all the cracks, power wash and paint.
  3. Minor Kitchen Remodel – The kitchen is one of the most used area of a house. Thus, creating a modern looking and functional kitchen will add more than just value to your home. Studies show that a beautiful, open, functional and bright kitchen can boost your enjoyment of everyday activities like cooking, entertaining friends and the sharing of your daily meals with your family.
  4. Deck Addition – Plain big back yard is boring!  If you own a home with a large backyard, a wooden deck will be eye pleasing and an extra enhancement to enjoy the outdoors around your home.  Depending on your budget, you can build with cover or without. If your backyard gets a lot of sun/heat, consider having a cover.

There are more ideas we can share with you if you are interested. Our SKYE Real Estate Team members will be happy to assist you with your options.  Call us today for your free and NO OBLIGATION consultation.


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